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About Epic Espresso

About Epic Espresso

Welcome to our obssession

At Epic Espresso we are committed to creating a culture of great service, friendliness and a place of haven for a fabulous customers.  Our Barista’s are committed to pushing the boundaries of espresso preparation and perfection.

Epic Espresso is staffed by a team of – coffee purists intent on producing the most amazing specialty coffee;  Chefs who love to create great wholesome food and cakes with WOW factor; and service staff who strive to make everyone feel well looked after.

Welcome to our passion!

Our Machines

Currently Epic Espresso uses two three group Synesso espresso machines. These machines are Seattle built, handcrafted artisan espresso machines made in small numbers for elite level specialty coffee professionals. There are only a few hundred of these machines produced in the world.

Epic Espresso uses Italian made Mazzer Robur conical burr grinders designed to deliver maximum aromatics into every cup. These grinders reduce heat transfer to the coffee beans therefore maximising full flavours to the final cup.

Epic Espresso also uses an advanced nanofiltration water filtering system that allows for constant monitoring of incoming water. This industrial water filtration system controls water quality. Epic Espresso also has individual reverse osmosis filtration systems for each of the Synesso machines.

Epic use Inker ceramic cups; these cups are designed for maximum heat retention and are robust for high volume commercial use.

Currently Epic Espresso use Pullman barista tampers hand built by Greg Pullman himself. These tampers were partly designed in conjunction with Epic Espresso baristas in a pilot program between Greg and Epic Espresso.

Our Coffee

Through a series of intensive cupping sessions of quality single origin coffee beans, the Epic Espresso Team has customized its own unique blend of coffee. This blend is freshly roasted locally by 5 Senses Coffee and delivered multiple times weekly. All coffee beans at Epic are aged in-store for optimum extraction, shot stability and performance and overall taste profile in the final cup.

The Epic blend is comprised of 100% Arabica beans that are sourced from the highest quality estates from all over the world. They are simply the best of the best. Essentially, the Epic Espresso coffee blend has been engineered to fuel the fanaticism of the obsessive Epic baristas!

The Epic Espresso custom blend is incredibly sweet, has huge chocolate notes, a full body, subtle acidity and a syrupy smooth finish. Perfectly suited to espresso but also performs well in other brewing methods. The blend is packaged in light resistant one way valve bags and is available in-store daily in take-home packs of 200 grams or one kilo.

Our Hot Chocolate

Epic has sourced its own blend of Belgian couverture chocolate which is used in all Epic’s chocolate based drinks. This blend of the highest quality pure Belgian couverture is melted down and features a rich smooth taste due to the high proportion of cocoa butter.

Epic also has introduced the L’ Angelina hot chocolate which is named after the famed Angelina Café in Paris. This hot chocolate is inspired by Café Angelina and is created in a traditional French style using fresh cream, full cream milk and Belgian couverture chocolate. This very rich, thick and smooth hot chocolate is an experience in decadence. Quite simply, the best hot chocolate you will ever taste in your life!

Epic’s signature Belgian couverture chocolate blend is also available for purchase in the store so you too can re-create this amazing hot chocolate experience at home.

Our Products

From Epic Espresso you are able to purchase Five Senses Coffee Beans in a variety of sizes.

We have Reg Barber and Greg Pullman tampers – a perfect gift for the home coffee enthusiast.

Epic Barista School

Epic Barista School


Learn how to make amazing, consistent coffee!

The Epic Barista School providers coffee enthusiasts with an opportunity to learn Epic’s progressive, dynamic espresso preparation techniques.

The Epic Barista School runs an Espresso Mastery, Latte Art Skill Training, and Advanced Espresso Mastery workshops. The workshops are extremely practical and are restricted to numbers of eight or less to ensure maximum participation for attendees. All three sessions are based on years of elite level barista experience and extensive commercial practice, and are suited to both novices and professionals.

The workshops are held on Saturday mornings from 9am. The workshops run for three and a half hours and are conducted on-site at Epic Espresso.

Booking can be made in-store or on the contact details below:

Lauretta Matkovich

Ph: 08 9485 1818

Please note payment is required prior to attending the workshops. This can be completed in-store, over the telephone or by electronic transfer.

Espresso Mastery

This workshop includes the foundational skills of perfect espresso dosing, milk texturing, machine maintenance, the creation of espresso-based drinks and machine and grinder management. This session also includes helpful information regarding coffee bean purchasing, bean storage and identifying roast profiles suitable for espresso.

Suitable For

Those wanting to enter the specialty coffee industry or the home enthusiast wishing to advance their skills and produce consistently high quality coffee.





Book Online Here

Latte Art Skill Training

This session includes advanced skill training for achieving glossy, silky milk each time and demonstrates techniques for achieving free poured latte art hearts, tulips and rosettas. This session includes information on the care and maintenance of the machine’s steam wand.

Suitable For

The home aficionado or industry professional wanting to raise their skills in milk texturing and master latte art to give them a competitive edge.


Espresso Mastery Workshop.



Book Online Here

The Epic Espresso Team

The Epic Espresso Team

Epic’s team is hand picked specialty coffee professionals who are simply the best of the best!

All of our baristas are extremely passionate about producing the highest quality coffee they can and advancing their knowledge through continual research and training. All Epic baristas are required to undertake intensive and rigorous on the job training which refines their skills and advances their espresso knowledge.